The Appraisal Institute

MAI Membership Designation

The Appraisal Institute offers a membership designation of MAI. The prestigious designation is held by those appraisers who are experienced in the valuation and evaluation of commercial, industrial, residential, and other types of properties, and who advise clients on real estate investment decisions.

Continuing Education Program

Logo of Appraisal InstituteAn Appraisal Institute designation is achieved upon completion of rigorous education and experience requirements and the demonstration of appraisal skills. Once designated, members participate in a program of continuing education.
James T. Hartman, MAI, SGA and Terrell R. Oetzel, MAI, CRE ®, SGA have completed the requirements under the continuing education program of the Appraisal Institute.

Counselors of Real Estate

CRE ® Membership Designation

Counselors of Real EstateCRE ® is the designation for the Counselors of Real Estate which is awarded by invitation to the Counselor by his peers who are members of the Counselors of Real Estate.
Membership in the Counselors of Real Estate is extended to individuals regularly engaged in real estate counseling who have demonstrated the highest levels of judgment, integrity and experience in their counseling practice over an extended period of time. CRE ® are committed to providing unbiased and objective advice to assist their clients in the decision-making process on all matters pertaining to real estate.

Real Estate Counseling Group of America

Terrell R. Oetzel, MAI, CRE ®, SGA is a member of the Real Estate Counseling Group of America.
The Real Estate Counseling Group of America is a consortium of nationally and internationally recognized experts addressing the emerging real estate issues. Each member is a principal in a firm that has made significant contribution to the industry and/or has provided leadership in the development and expansion of the body of knowledge in real estate decision-making. They excel in application of advanced, cutting edge, analytical tools to solving client problems and provide their clients with a complete spectrum of representation, products, and services.

The Society of Golf Appraisers

SGA Membership Designation

Logo of SGA MembershipThe Society of Golf Appraisers is an organization of real estate appraisers and consultants specializing in the valuation, market analysis, and feasibility analysis of golf courses and golf related properties. Members hold the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute and have each demonstrated long term commitment to, and competence in, the valuation and analysis of golf properties. The SGA designation allows the market a way to identify those professionals who have established expertise in golf properties and golf market analysis.
Terrell R. Oetzel, MAI, CRE ®, SGA and James T. Hartman, MAI, SGA are members of the Society of Golf Appraisers

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